Processing multiple files

Exercise 1

The following program calculates the total number of births during the past 130 years.

The code contains a subtle semantic bug. Execute the program. Inspect the output. Find and fix the bug.

births = []
result = 0

print("\nyear    births per year")
print("-" * 25)
for year in range(1890, 2015, 1):
    filename = 'names/yob{}.txt'.format(year)
    for line in open(filename):
        spalten = line.strip().split(',')
    print(year, sum(births))
    result += sum(births)
print("\nResult: {} births total".format(result))

Exercise 2

Write a program that finds lines containing your name in the years 1880 to 2014.

Exercise 3

Extend the program in such a way that the gender is being checked as well. Print only lines with matching 'M' or 'F', respectively.

Exercise 4

Collect all matches in a list.

Exercise 5

If no matches were found in a given year, add a 0 to the result.

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