Using NCBI E-utilities

Using Entrez from Biopython

Step 1: import Entrez

from Bio import Entrez 

Step 2: enter your e-mail

The NCBI server might block anonymous requests, especially big ones! = "[email protected]"

Step 3: Call esearch to find IDs

handle = Entrez.esearch(db="value", term="keywords", retmax=100)

Parameters include:

parameter examples
db nucleotide
term human[Organism]
hemoglobin AND alpha
retmax 10 (identifiers returned)

Step 4: get a list of IDs out of esearch

records =
identifiers = records['IdList']

Step 5: use efetch to retrieve entries

We use the list of identifiers from step 4:

handle = Entrez.efetch(db="value", id=identifiers, retmax="200", 
         rettype="fasta", retmode="text")

To read data from text entries as a string:

text =

To read records from XML entries:

records =

In addition to the above, parameters include:

parameter examples
id single id
rettype fasta
retmode text


You find a full list of available options on

Example URLs

1. Searching for papers in PubMed,packing&rettype=uilist

2. Retrieving publication records in Medline format,11700088&retmode=text&rettype=medline

3. Searching for protein database entries by keywords

4. Retrieving protein database entries in FASTA format

5. Retrieving protein database entries in Genbank format

6. Retrieving nucleotide database entries

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